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Belgard Rooms is a guided planner and collection of pre-designed rooms that can help contractors and their clients decide which room is perfect for any given outdoor space.

Create The Perfect Plan

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Whatever type of addition your client is looking to add, Belgard Rooms offers a complete collection of pre-designed outdoor spaces that can help find the right fit.

Plan an Outdoor Space

The Belgard Rooms planner walks through a combination of style and space-driven questions to help pair your client with the ideal outdoor addition.

See it in Your Backyard

Using AR technology, you can bring dozens of different spaces to life in your client’s backyard without lifting more than a single finger.


Belgard Rooms was created to help close the design gap for both homeowners and contractors alike when it comes to bringing an outdoor space to life. Through Belgard Rooms, contractors can present homeowners with a templated design that they can customize further to fit their needs and design preferences. This results in time savings during both the design and installation process, and enables homeowners to start enjoying their space sooner.

Additionally, with our AR rooms gallery, you can use a mobile device or tablet, allowing the homeowner to spin, move, scale and even walk through the templated outdoor room. This helps increase conversions and decrease timelines as they fall in love with their dream virtually coming to life.

Now Even Better

As a Belgard Authorized Contractor, you can get access to Belgard Rooms directly within the Design Studio. Seamlessly integrating into your workflow, Belgard Rooms can help to expedite your process with pre-designed rooms that you can request to utilize your Design Studio plans.